Kiran Bhatraju
Founder Kiran Bhatraju. Image credit: Arcadia Power.

Kiran Bhatraju grew up in eastern Kentucky, a region historically dependent on coal.

Bhatraju: “I just saw what was a dying industry. Coal and the way we produced electricity for the last hundred years was not sustainable.”

He envisions a future in which the region thrives on clean energy instead.

Bhatraju: “We don’t have to rely on digging out fossil fuels for the next hundred years. You’ve got all these incredible electricians and construction engineers that worked in the mines that should be put back to work laying down panels and blades and making the grid more efficient.”

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To help build a new energy economy, Bhatraju started Arcadia Power. It’s an online platform that connects people to clean energy options.

Bhatraju: “You basically just connect your local utility account … and then we do the work in the background to help figure out what clean energy programs make sense for you based on, you know, the state or the energy market you’re in, and also what products you might be able to put into the home to become more efficient.”

For example, members can take advantage of community solar or purchase wind energy.

Bhatraju says making renewable energy more accessible helps drive demand for new clean energy projects, not just in Kentucky, but across the country.

Reporting credit: Daisy Simmons/ChavoBart Digital Media.

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