Mimosa Hall
The City of Roswell’s Mimosa Hall.

A stately brick mansion built before the Civil War is getting a 21st century update: solar panels.

Last year, the City of Roswell, Georgia purchased Mimosa Hall, a six-thousand-square foot Greek-revival home built in 1841.

Gibson: “We came up with the idea of putting a solar roof on the property as a way to help the city offset the cost of electricity so the citizens of Roswell don’t have to pay for it themselves.”

Steve Gibson is with Friends of Mimosa Hall and Gardens, a nonprofit that supports the preservation of the property.

He says the solar panels will generate all the electricity the mansion needs. And batteries will store excess energy for use at night and during cloudy days.

Donations and tax credits will help pay for the system. And once installed, the solar panels should save the city more than five thousand dollars a year.

Gibson says Mimosa Hall will demonstrate that clean energy is a modern way to help preserve treasures of the past.

Gibson: “We’re hoping to set a new standard for solar use in all kinds of different environments – even in an environment like an historical home – and we really want to build on the momentum that solar energy has today.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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