Aerial view of Sunset Park
Aerial view of Sunset Park (Photo: Courtesy of Ryan Chavez, Uprose)

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, almost one hundred auto-related businesses are clustered along the industrial waterfront.

Chavez: “These are small businesses operating on small economic margins, many of them run by families, immigrant families.”

That’s Ryan Chavez of Uprose, a local environmental justice organization. He says more frequent extreme weather poses financial, environmental, and health risks. During a flood, improperly stored chemicals can leak from the auto shops – affecting the community.

Chavez: “And so we’ve for the last few years been developing the business resiliency practices and tools and methods that auto shops can use to adapt their operations in such a way that reduces the risk of the products that they use on a daily basis from getting out into the community, if and when the next extreme weather event hits.”

The recommendations are to be released next year. Community members have led the effort at every step – improving the chances that the solutions will be logistically and economically feasible for the small business owners.

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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