Avangrid Renewables wind farm. (Photo: Courtesy of Lee Van Horn)

Winds of change are blowing in Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Once coal country, the area is now home to more than sixty giant wind turbines.

For local resident Lee Van Horn, the change is welcome.

Van Horn: “I was so used to growing up and seeing the scarred land around in this area, and I knew the coal industry. it just wasn’t good for the environment.”

Van Horn also knew it was risky for miners. He’d heard stories from his father who worked underground as a young man.

Van Horn: “He seen people hurt, you know, maimed. There were a lot of hazards in that industry for sure.”

So Van Horn pursued a career in electrical engineering instead. For more than twenty years, he worked for the telecommunications industry. In 2006 …

Van Horn: “They were starting to build a wind farm not very far from my house. From an engineering standpoint, it really fascinated me on how these things operate and how they can put out power.”

So Van Horn applied for a job at Avangrid Renewables … and got it. Today, he is manager of the company’s two local wind farms.

Van Horn: “I was just so happy to get involved with green energy, and I just think we’re just making a big difference here.”

Reporting credit: ChavoBart Digital Media.

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