Cox Printers rooftop
(Photo: Courtesy of Cox Printers)

At Cox Printers in New Jersey, marketing brochures, booklets, and pamphlets roll off the presses.

The business has been in Michael Kaufman’s family for more than 35 years, so when his kids were growing up, they often spent time there.

“When they want to stay home sick with the sniffles,” Kaufman says, “we’re like, ‘OK, you can come and shrink wrap.'”

One day, when Kaufman’s daughter was just seven, she came to him with a suggestion: installing solar panels on the roof of the family business.

At the time, Kaufman did not own the building, so he had to say no. But the idea stuck with him, and 10 years ago, when the company bought its own space, he took action.

“One of the first things we did was we added solar to the roof that directly ties into the electric needed to power the presses,” he says.

They later added two wind turbines to help power the graphics department and installed efficient lighting and air conditioning.

Now there’s even a rooftop garden with vegetables, flowers, and three beehives.

The changes are good for the climate, and Kaufman says his customers appreciate them, too. “People who care about the environment, they want to use a printer who’s powering his presses with his own solar power on the roof and reusing and recycling everything they can,” he says.

Reporting credit: Stephanie Manuzak/ChavoBart Digital Media.