Fort Collins
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Fort Collins, Colorado, recently celebrated 20 years of climate action. Over time, the city has become increasingly ambitious. Its climate action plan now calls for the entire community to be carbon neutral by mid-century.

That includes residents and businesses. But the city is improving its own operations, too.

“We’re trying to model all the things that we’re trying to ask for across the community,” says Michelle Finchum, the city’s sustainability specialist. She says the city has prioritized energy efficiency.

“We make sure that we’re building efficient buildings,” she says. “And we are constantly going back to, say, HVAC systems on the pool or the ice rink and remodeling those and making sure that they’re efficient.”

The city is also expanding its use of electric vehicles. Finchum says when a car or light-duty truck reaches the end of its life, it’s replaced with an EV.

“And what that has allowed us to do is very, very steadily replace our fleet with electric vehicles,” she says.

Fort Collins has cut carbon pollution from municipal operations by more than 20% below 2005 levels. The wider community is expected to do the same this year.

“We’re putting policies and plans in place that will make this a better community,” Finchum says.

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