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Connecting Latino communities to climate action

By Daisy Simmons on Jan 1, 2019

NRDC Southern California Legislative Director Linda Escalante As a child, Linda Escalante moved from Bogota, Colombia to Burbank, California. There, she and her mom lived in a neighborhood stuck between a freeway, an airport, and a toxic waste cleanup...

Nonprofit trains Latinos to act on climate

By Samantha Harrington on Nov 23, 2018

Sachamama Director Carlos Zegarra Across the country, small groups of Latinos are gathering for climate training workshops. Attendees learn about climate science and threats to their communities, such as extreme heat, flooding, and air pollution....

Nonprofit organizes green Latino network

By Eileen Mignoni on Jul 5, 2017

A decade ago, while working in Washington, D.C., as an environmental activist, Mark Magaña realized that Latinos in the environmental movement were isolated. Magaña: "What I noticed was that they weren't working together. That they...

Natural disasters endanger Latino communities

By Eileen Mignoni on Jun 13, 2017

When natural disasters strike, low-income, Latino communities are often hit hardest. They tend to be located in vulnerable areas and it's harder for low-income people to prepare for and recover from storms. And they don't always get the disaster relief...

What do Latinos really care about? Mi tierra

By Frani Halperin on Jan 5, 2016

It's election season and the news is full of headlines about the issues most on the minds of voters. And for candidates trying to woo Latino voters, there's nothing more important than immigration, right? Wrong. Poll after poll shows Latinos are more...

‘Telenovela’ plays teach about the environment

By Daisy Simmons on Apr 5, 2019

(Image credit: Telenovelas in the Park video) Star-crossed love, sinister secrets, and betrayal ... these are some of the tried-and-true themes of the Latin American telenovela. It's a melodramatic - and often funny - genre similar to a soap opera....

TV journalist spreads the word on climate change

By Daisy Simmons on Mar 15, 2019

TV journalist Vanessa Hauc wants to make sure that people on the front lines of climate change are fully informed on the topic. Huac: "Latino communities and minorities are the most affected." For example, hurricanes and wildfires have hit Florida, Texas,...

Why an activist became an investment manager

By Daisy Simmons on Jan 28, 2019

Tom Soto is an investment fund manager. But he took an unusual path to get there. Soto: "I was genetically predisposed to being an activist. I was raised by two Latino civil rights leaders. My parents had come from the farm worker and labor rights...

Arizona woman empowers Latina moms to speak out

By Samantha Harrington on Nov 30, 2018

Diesel trucks, power plants, and refineries contribute to global warming. They also emit air pollution that's linked to respiratory illnesses and cancer. Columba Sainz of Phoenix, Arizona, says Latino communities are disproportionately...