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Welcome to “Eye on the Storm” …

The unexpected June 2020 announcement of what it correctly called the “end of an era” in the closing of Jeff Masters’ and Bob Henson’s Cat6 site sent shivers through the weather and associated climate change community. With Masters’ immediate continuation of his analyses via Yale Climate Connections – and Henson’s soon joining Masters as a regular YCC contributor – the beat goes on (also see YCC announcement).

Jeff Masters and Bob Henson
Meteorologists Jeff Masters (left) and Bob Henson

Amid the challenges of the continuing global pandemic and in-progress changes to the YCC website, we’re working to implement the needed comments tools critical to ongoing engagement of Masters’ and Henson’s loyal followers. It can’t happen overnight, but we are working diligently toward that end.

Yale Climate Connections welcomes all Cat6 and new followers to this emerging effort. Sign up to receive email updates on progress toward the full blog launch.

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