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Americans' Views on Climate Change
Through Eyes of Two European Researchers

by Andrew Freedman

COPENHAGEN Award-winning radio science journalist Daniel Grossman captures the attitudes of two leading European climate scientists on their views toward Americans' attitudes toward anthropogenic climate change.

In the first video, running one minute/15 seconds, Grossman captures the views of Dorthe Dahl Jensen, chief scientist of the NEEM ice core drilling project on the Greenland Ice Sheet, a multi-year attempt to sample old ice in the Northern Hemisphere.

In his second video, one minute/41 seconds, Grossman captures the perspective of ornithologist Hans Meltofte, founder of the Zackenberg ecological research station in northeastern Greenland. Zackenberg is one the northernmost permanent scientific research bases and one of the only sites where an entire suite of environmental parameters is monitored on a permanent basis. Meltofte is an editor of a new book synthesizing the results of the first 10 years of research at Zackenberg.

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December 19, 2009