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Indiana, spring break destination of the future?

By Diana Madson on Mar 21, 2019

Indiana Dunes State Park, on the southern tip of Lake Michigan (Photo credit: Roy Luck / Flikr) Tourism could take a hit as the climate changes. Ski slopes may get less snow, and beaches will face more extreme storms. But Jonathon Day of Purdue...

Forest Service works with tribes to manage fire

By Jan O'Brien on Mar 4, 2019

For generations, the Karuk Tribe set small fires in northwestern forests. This cleared excess brush, and promoted culturally important species like hazel. Lake: "Those hazel sticks only produced long, straight, flexible, strong shoots after they were...

Green New Deal puts focus on climate justice

By Michael Svoboda on Feb 27, 2019

With climate activists' spotlight on liberal Democrats' Green New Deal as an outline for climate change action comes a new focus on social justice: on the adverse and unequal impacts environmental problems, and sometimes their solutions, can have on...

Lessons on telling scientific fact from fiction

Posted on Feb 26, 2019

Put a former math and science teacher together with a publishing house founder who has written award-winning science-oriented materials for youths - both individuals bringing to the table a strong interest in "STEM" issues ... And the outcome can be,...

‘I feel guilty about flying. Help!’

By Sara Peach on Feb 13, 2019

Dear Sara, Last year, my partner and I began planning to travel across the country for a wedding of his old friend. Our plan was we'd take two weeks, take Amtrak, maybe splurge on the sleeper car. But now the date of the wedding approaches, and we have...

Climate risk missing in polar vortex reporting

By Jill Hopke on Feb 6, 2019

NASA's Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) instrument captures a polar vortex moving from Central Canada into the U.S. Midwest from January 20 through January 29. (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech AIRS Project) Americans watched toward the end of January as...

Neighborhood trees are in trouble

By Samantha Harrington on Jan 30, 2019

Photo: Paolo Gamba When the Santa Ana winds start gusting in Southern California, the air blows hot, dry, and hard. Even though the winds are a regular feature of the region's weather, their first blast last October startled Tesia Villegas, who lives in...

City manager resigns over NIMBY/climate concerns

By Bruce Lieberman on Jan 28, 2019

Lafayette station, viewed from nearby Cross Hill, Ca., in August 2018. (Photo credit: Pi.1415926535 / Wikimedia) Steven Falk, for nearly three decades an employee and then city manager of Lafayette, Ca., east of San Francisco, decided last fall that he...

Why we won’t quit the climate fight

By Kathleen Dean Moore & SueEllen Campbell on Jan 28, 2019

A stop along the coast led to a candid discussion between the authors about why they keep fighting a sometimes hopeless seeming battle for the climate. (Photo credit: Diana Robinson / Flikr) We are old climate veterans who have tried to do our part, in...

Promising, and heartening, climate policies

By SueEllen Campbell on Jan 17, 2019

In the wake of recent months' often dire news on projected climate change impacts, optimism and hope in "solutions" can inform, hearten, and guide us. So long as those emotions are grounded in pragmatism and reality. One good recent piece along these...

A guide to the 4th National Climate Assessment

By SueEllen Campbell on Dec 20, 2018

Texas National Guard soldiers aid residents in heavily flooded areas of Houston after Hurricane Harvey. Research indicates that climate change intensified Harvey's floods. (Photo credit: Texas Army National Guard / 1st Lt. Zachary West) As you most likely...

Coffee farmers adapt to climate change

By Sarah Wesseler on Dec 13, 2018

Guatemalan farmers discuss climate change adaptation. (Photo credit: Counter Culture Coffee) Over the past two decades, Counter Culture Coffee has been a major player in the rise of craft coffee in the United States. The Durham, N.C.-based roaster...