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The View(s) From Farm Country: Numerous Ag Issues Go Under-Reported

By Bill Dawson on Oct 27, 2009

Impacts. Mitigation. Adaptation. Politics. Economics. Food security. Public health. Those are just some of the key elements that mix together in the broad region where concerns about climate change and agriculture intersect. It's an area with ample, and...

Musicians Inspiring Fans to Act On Climate Change Solutions

By Jonathan L. Gelbard on Oct 15, 2009

In 2007, Live Earth held massive climate change-themed concerts in stadiums around the world. The star-studded shows, broadcast globally, were intended to leverage the power of music to raise awareness, change individual behavior, and increase public...

UNC News 21 Grad Students Launch Insightful ‘Powering a Nation’ Site

By Bruce Lieberman on Sep 15, 2009

An interactive graphic on the new website Powering a Nation says a lot about America's insatiable appetite for energy. The graphic is part of a Web feature called "Down The Lines." And it's scary. A sliding scale (you can move it yourself with your...

Behavioral Changes in Travel Backed to Achieve Needed CO2 Emission Cuts

By Christine Woodside on Sep 1, 2009

A new Urban Land Institute report on Americans' traveling behavior concludes that cleaner cars and cleaner fuels alone can't reduce carbon emissions unless Americans drive fewer miles at slower speeds, avoid gas-burning traffic jams, and reduce their...

Bleak Employment Numbers for 2008 Journalism, Communications Graduates

Posted on Aug 18, 2009

Any sentient human being couldn't be surprised that the employment picture for U.S. college journalism and mass communications graduates looking for full-time jobs is bleak. Given the overall economy, and given in particular the journalism economy, the real...

Waxman-Markey House Bill Demands Cautious Media Analysis

By Bud Ward on Jun 4, 2009

In a 24/7 "breaking news" world, here's a show stopper for those carrying the burden of informing their audiences about the climate change "fixes" now under consideration on Capitol Hill. Go. But go slowly, prudently, carefully. But don't dawdle. By...

NBC4’s Bob Ryan Carries Message to USA Today Editorial Pages

Posted on Jun 4, 2009

TV meteorologist Bob Ryan has again shown his willingness to go where fellow meteorologists sometimes dare not tread - this time taking his message on climate change science not only beyond his own local TV comfort zone but, what's more, to print....