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Natural Gas Firm Going On Line With ‘’ Programming

By Bill Dawson on Sep 4, 2008

With the mainstream commercial media companies eliminating many hundreds of journalists' jobs, new ventures such as the nonprofit Pro Publica, the New York-based investigative reporting organization, are trying to pick up some of the slack. Now comes...

Fossil Fuel P.R./Ad Campaigns Reaching Crescendo in Election Season

By Bruce Lieberman on Sep 4, 2008

On May 13, the date of West Virginia's presidential primary, CNN launched what the progressive group, Think Progress, called a "coal fest". "ISSUE #1: MAKING GAS FROM COAL: REDUCING DEPENDENCE ON OIL" flashed across the television screen as senior business...

Covering Climate Change As a National Security Issue

By John Wihbey on Jul 17, 2008

War-related metaphors are now common in the rhetoric of climate change activism. We need a "Manhattan Project" for clean energy, a "Marshall Plan" for green action. Or maybe, we need just plain war. Think of Al Gore's first ad in his $300 million Alliance...

Some U.S. Investors Backing Federal Climate Change Law

Posted on May 27, 2008

Officials representing institutional investors controlling some $2.3 trillion in assets are asking Senate Democratic and Republican leaders to pass "strong national climate legislation" providing "legal, regulatory, and market certainty."...