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Learning Lessons from the Lost Anasazi

By Leslie P. King, MD, MPH on Apr 23, 2009

The Anasazi culture of the southwestern United States reached its zenith between 1050 and 1125 A.D. before experiencing a dramatic collapse. Despite their advanced industrial society known for their cliff dwellings and ornate baskets, no authoritative...

The forest for the trees? Covering western tree deaths

By Christine Woodside on Feb 17, 2009

On January 22 and 23, major new outlets reported on a study of tree death in the American West, a sobering analysis of how warmer temperatures affect old-growth trees. The study was released that day in the journal Science. Trees have been dying faster...

Scientist Rosenzweig Weighs In On New York, Media Coverage, Outlook Ahead

By Christine Woodside on Jan 20, 2009

Eight years ago, to limited press coverage, Cynthia Rosenzweig, Ph.D., led a team in a significant report on climate change and New York City. The findings, published in July 2001 as "Climate Change and a Global City: The Potential Consequences of Climate...