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Climate Change on Banking and Financial Beats

By Christine Woodside on May 6, 2008

A series of domestic and global developments are increasing the impact of climate change on the banking and financial industry and reporters covering those beats. The changes are under way notwithstanding growing pressures from the sagging economy and real...

Cogito, ergo sum. I Report, Therefore I Blog.

By Bud Ward on Apr 3, 2008

Cogito, ergo sum. Or Je pense, donc je suis. Enough of the Latin and French. Let's stick to English. I think, therefore I am. We can thank Rene Descartes for giving us that critical element of Western philosophy. But for our purposes in The Yale...

Questions Media Can Consider To Better Inform American Voters (Pt.3 of 3)

By Bruce Lieberman on Feb 19, 2008

Future American presidents committed to taking strong action on climate change, beginning with whoever takes office next January, will face some tough choices. Many scientists and climate policy experts say unprecedented and historic action is needed....

WSJ’s ‘Environmental Capital’ Blog Launched

By Bud Ward on Jan 31, 2008

You might want to think about adding another journalist's blog to your internet "favorites" or RSS feed-reader. Veteran Wall Street Journal reporters Jeffrey Ball and Keith Johnson this week launched "Environmental Capital". Most of the reporting is to be...

News Room E-Beat Jobs Watch: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly?

Posted on Dec 16, 2007

A faint ray of light in the dark tunnel of constricting news room staffs and shrinking news budgets: The beleaguered San Diego Union-Tribune prompted some passing smiles among environmental beat reporters this holiday season with the relatively joyful news...

On Covering Controversial Science and Public Policy

Posted on Oct 11, 2007

Journalists, scientists, and academics looking for a respected veteran reporter's insights on coverage of controversial science issues can turn to, where else, the Web for the perspective of freelance science writer Cristine Russell....