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Profile of The Weather Channel’s Heidi Cullen

By Bud Ward on Oct 1, 2007

One quick look at her resume alerts you that Heidi Cullen isn't your "normal" journalist who took college courses, let's be honest here, in large part to avoid dicey courses dealing with things like statistics, coefficients, and math generally. Cullen, in...

NOAA Release Draws Unusual Attention … But Why?

Posted on Oct 1, 2007

Climate change watchers were quick to pounce when NOAA on August 28 put out a release with the headline "Greenhouse Gases Likely Drove Near-Record U.S. Warmth in 2006."...

Giving Objectivity A Bad Name

By Phil Meyer on Oct 1, 2007

Two really smart critics have cited the journalistic tradition of objectivity as the reason mainstream media have missed or underplayed some big stories. Steve Outing, writing in Editor & Publisher, says objectivity has gotten in the way of informing...