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Covering Climate Change As a National Security Issue

By John Wihbey on Jul 17, 2008

War-related metaphors are now common in the rhetoric of climate change activism. We need a "Manhattan Project" for clean energy, a "Marshall Plan" for green action. Or maybe, we need just plain war. Think of Al Gore's first ad in his $300 million Alliance...

Some U.S. Investors Backing Federal Climate Change Law

Posted on May 27, 2008

Officials representing institutional investors controlling some $2.3 trillion in assets are asking Senate Democratic and Republican leaders to pass "strong national climate legislation" providing "legal, regulatory, and market certainty."...

Climate Change on Banking and Financial Beats

By Christine Woodside on May 6, 2008

A series of domestic and global developments are increasing the impact of climate change on the banking and financial industry and reporters covering those beats. The changes are under way notwithstanding growing pressures from the sagging economy and real...

Cogito, ergo sum. I Report, Therefore I Blog.

By Bud Ward on Apr 3, 2008

Cogito, ergo sum. Or Je pense, donc je suis. Enough of the Latin and French. Let's stick to English. I think, therefore I am. We can thank Rene Descartes for giving us that critical element of Western philosophy. But for our purposes in The Yale...