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Bounty hunter fights air pollution

By Jan O'Brien on Dec 12, 2018

In 2006, New Yorker George Pakenham was walking home, when he noticed a limo idling at the curb, with only the driver inside. It upset him to see fuel being wasted. This was during the Iraq war, which he believed was about oil, and his brother had...

Focus on those with an open mind

By Karin Kirk on Nov 19, 2018

A confession. That cartoon where someone is hunched over the computer, unable to tear away from furious typing, because someone is wrong on the internet? That was me. Or at least it used to be. As a lifelong scientist and educator, I simply could...

How to break bad news about the climate

By Sara Peach on Nov 15, 2018

Street flooding in Charleston, South Carolina, a sign of the sea-level rise to come. (Photo: Steven Taylor/SC MyCoast) Dear Sara, Your column about the woman with the big beach house in Florida illustrates the difficulty of an honest...

Teen gun reform activist takes on climate change

By Daisy Simmons on Nov 13, 2018

As a high schooler, Faith Ward cared about climate change. But she didn't believe anyone would pay attention if she voiced her deep concerns. Ward: "You don't feel very listened to as a teenager, I think." But when the school shooting happened in...

Should we start geoengineering Antarctica?

By Amy Brady on Nov 1, 2018

Last month, the United Nations released its 2018 IPCC report on climate change, its most urgent and dire report to date. It states that an increase in global temperature of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit could be reached within 11 years. The increase would bring...

Meet a teen climate leader

By Erika Street Hopman on Oct 25, 2018

Iris Fen Gillingham: 'As young people, it's in our own best interest to be involved and take action.' (Photo credit: Jill C. Smith Photography) Iris Fen Gillingham was raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York. At an early age, she experienced the...

‘Dire’climate report ignites media coverage

By Bud Ward on Oct 19, 2018

News of the short-term climate catastrophe scientists say the world now faces first came over the weekend of October 6-7. That's just as many across the U.S. were already consumed by "breaking news" of an entirely different sort – the confirmation of a...

Climate change impacts in California by 2100

By Bruce Lieberman on Oct 18, 2018

Active flame front of the 2007 Zaca Fire. (U.S. Forest Service photo by John Newman.) California's fourth, and most recent, climate assessment report reflects years of increasingly frequent and threatening natural disasters that have plagued the nation's...

Is malaria more likely in a warmer U.S.?

By Sara Peach on Oct 16, 2018

These blood-suckers thrive in warm weather. Photo: James Gathany/CDC Dear Sara, I'm worried about the expansion of tropical diseases, like malaria. How far will the range spread? When/how should we change vaccine schedules? What's being done about...

Climate change disasters won’t be ‘just’ ecological

By Amy Brady on Sep 14, 2018

One of the reasons climate change is so hard to even think about - let alone understand fully - is that it manifests in many different ways. We're seeing some of those manifestations now in the form of wildfires ravaging the Pacific Northwest, larger and...

Climate change science comeback strategies: ‘In it for the money’

By Karin Kirk on Sep 5, 2018

Credit: Image by Karin Kirk. When you don't like the message, attack the messenger. It's an age-old tactic and an easy way to energize opposition while distracting from the real issue at hand. With climate change, ad-hominem attacks on scientists are...