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Ski resorts band together to cut pollution

By Samantha Harrington on Mar 6, 2018

Ski resorts depend on snow. But with global warming, some slopes are seeing more rain and less of the white stuff. And, warmer temperatures make it harder for resorts to make their own snow. Link: "These can impact our operations, the length of...

It’s getting harder to ski in Wisconsin

By Samantha Harrington on Dec 15, 2017

When Steve Eliasen was a teenager, he loved skiing in Wisconsin's snow-blanketed forests. Eliasen: "Moving physically, delighting in winter, in the snowscape, in the snow-covered cedars ... when you're out there, it's just another world." Now, he...

Scientist skis into Rockies to collect data

By Bruce Lieberman on Jun 22, 2017

Niwot Ridge CO2 flask sampling site (January 2017). Photo: Courtesy of Jennifer Morse. Each week, Jennifer Morse of the University of Colorado Mountain Research Station ventures high in the Colorado Rockies to a place called Niwot Ridge. She often makes...

Skiing in Iceland after warmest year on record

By Karin Kirk on May 23, 2017

Iceland's Tröllaskagi Peninsula sits just below the Arctic Circle. Photo by Donny Roth. TRÖLLASKAGI PENINSULA, ICELAND - April 29-May 4. The snow has a peculiar glassy glint, reflecting the light of a fine Arctic morning across countless summits,...

Skier says winter has turned weird

By Bruce Lieberman on Apr 25, 2017

For professional skier Lexi duPont, there's nothing like the swish of skis against packed powder. duPont travels around the world to ski. Over the years, she's noticed changing snow patterns and more erratic weather, which is expected to increase as...

Warming slopes send skiing downhill

By Samantha Harrington on Jan 6, 2017

Cold and snow ... they're both essential for a successful ski season. But in some areas, they're becoming less common as our climate changes. In Wisconsin, winters are getting shorter and warmer. The state has seen some of the country's fastest...

Ski area adapts to less snow

By David Appell on Nov 4, 2016

In 2013, the Mount Ashland Ski Area in Oregon was faced with a problem: Because of a drought, there was not enough snow to open for the season. The area had gotten less than half as much snow as normal, and much of what did fall came early in the season, then...

A ski town’s climate commitment

By Diana Madson on Mar 17, 2016

Climate change is a serious threat to many of the earth's fragile ecosystems. But in Park City, a ski town in northern Utah, rising temperatures threaten not only the environment but a way of life. Abbott: "A city like Park City is hugely dependent on...

Resort’s environmental initiatives attracting skiers

By Diana Madson on Sep 1, 2015

After installing low-energy snow makers, electric-vehicle charging stations, and an energy-efficient heating system, Maine's Mount Abram Ski Area is leading the industry on sustainability. The resort's latest effort is an 803 panel solar array that is...

Ski company, coal company partner on methane emissions

By Diana Madson on Dec 4, 2014

The Aspen Skiing Company is committed to reducing its carbon dioxide emissions. But despite investing in solar and hydropower, it was not able to fully offset the emissions generated by the ski lifts, restaurants, and hotels it operates. So the Aspen...

Olympic skiers’ fear: The beginning of the end for snow sports?

By Kristin Moe & Taylor Rees on Feb 12, 2014

SOCHI, RUSSIA, FEB. 12, 2014 -- Mother Nature hasn't been so reliable recently. Olympic officials in Sochi, tasked with ensuring sufficient quantities of snow for the winter games, aren't taking any chances on her either. They're making their own snow. The...

Olympic Skier Andy Newell takes lead on climate change

By Tom Owens on Feb 10, 2014

SOCHI, RUSSIA - Andy Newell might be the U.S.'s best shot at cross country gold in the Sochi Winter Olympics. According to the US Ski Team, Newell has three world cup podiums and was recently ranked fifth in the world at sprint. For those...